Pull Request

To add your changes to the original repo (after you have already made commits on the fork of the repo in your own repo):

  1. Go to the original repo page
  2. Click “Pull Requests”, create a new pull request and compare across forks.
  3. Choose the fork you want to compare.
  4. Create a proper title and message for your pull request, then request it. An admin or upperclassman will approve the pull request after fixing merge conflicts.

Basics of Github

  1. Download git for your computer here.
  2. Make a Github account here.
  3. Review basic pushing and pulling here OR review the instructions below.
    1. Make a folder where you want to keep the files
    2. Navigate to the folder using the “cd” command
    3. Initialize a repository: “git init”
    4. Add the origin: “git remote add origin [unique URL]”
    5. To get all the files: “git pull origin master”
    6. After making a change, to change the files online:
    7. “git add [filename]” (note: if you want to add everything, just use . )
    8. “git commit -m “Insert message here”
    9. “git push origin master”


More Advanced Github Stuff

  1. Fork a Repo – This is useful for getting a copy of projects in an organization repo to your own repo. This way, you can make changes on your own repo (and basically create your own version of a project).
  2. Branching in a Repo – This is useful for trying multiple versions of code in one repo if you have an idea. Simply create a new branch to test it out, then merge it with your main branch when it is all done.
  3. Merging a pull request – Speaking of merging, to “merge” code together, you need to create a pull request and resolve conflicts (basically, if there are conflicting lines, you have to manually go into your code and adjust the lines so they can be put together).

Mobile App Programming: Get Started

  1. Sign up for a Github Account here and download Git here.
  2. Here is the beginning app code on the NPHS CodeNation Github organization account. You will need to pull this onto your local computer by following the instructions in step #4. You can search for the “vickyjjj” user, follow me, and I will follow you back and add you as a member of the NPHS App Club Github organization.
  3. Follow this Youtube tutorial to learn how to use Git. Pull the files from the code repository linked in step #3! (after you have tried out the test code example, which is linked in the Youtube video description.)
  4. Follow this Youtube tutorial to write code for the first two files in your mobile app.

Questions? Email nphscodenation@gmail.com!