More ways to learn

Learning through Courses
  1. edx — is a “Massive open online course” (MOOC) website with tons of open courses by many institutions and universities across the world on all subjects. We recommend the Introduction to Computer Science course by Harvard University, but there are many other coding courses you can choose. You’ll need to set up an account. It’s free to access the course materials, but if you want official registration and a certificate, you need to pay.
  2. Khanacademy — Khanacademy offers courses on JavaScript programming in different levels. You’ll need to set up an account.
  3. Codecademy — This year, we only covered HTML/CSS and JavaScript. Python, PHP, Ruby and jQuery are also great/popular languages to learn. In addition, you can explore the API and website developing courses they have.
Learning through Developing
  1. Corona SDK — If you want to build mobile apps, Corona SDK is an easy, simple platform software you can download on your computer to help you start. You’ll have to learn a whole new language called lua, but it’s super easy and there is documentation. You’ll also need a text editor: either Sublime Text or Notepad++. Everything is free!
  2. — Koding is an online development platform (this means you don’t have to download an SDK onto your computer). You’ll need to create an account, and you can interact with other developers online.
  3. Website development — If you want to make websites or apps, Fluid UI is good for designing the looks, and JS Fiddle is good for actually coding. You’ll need to create accounts, and everything is free.
  4. Processing — If you like artsy stuff, Processing is a software for coding digital art/animation stuff. It runs on a language similar to Java. Here are some art inspirations and code.
  5. Java — Ah, Java, the most popular language right now. You’ll have to self teach through online tutorials and API documentationBlueJ (for beginners) and Eclipse are good developing platforms. Make sure you have a JDK installed.
For 8th graders — here are clubs in High School that you can consider:
  1. ACSL — American Computer Science League competes in 10-point written/coding competitions in the spring using the Java language. Open to all!
  2. CodeNation — We tutor middle school students how to do basic computer programming once a week.
  3. Girls Who Code — A club dedicated to girls who want to learn how to code with JavaScript and close the gender gap in the tech industry.
  4. Robotics — Combines computer programming with mechanical engineering to develop bots in various competitions throughout the year.
  5. App Club — Develops apps with fellow students. Recently came out with an Newbury Park High School reminders app, go check it out!